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Huge Supermarkets Coming to Philadelphia

Three new Giant supermarkets are heading to the City of Brotherly Love. In fact, the new venues will be based in Montgomery County and Bucks County. The expansion is part of a $70 million capital investment, which is slated to bring several new locations to Pennsylvania. In addition to traditional supermarket stores, the locations will ..
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Bringing A Bat To A Gunfight: Pennsylvania Scool District Arms Teachers With Baseball Bats

In a bold move that has irked many parents, the Pennsylvania School District has issued wooden bats to teachers in an apparent attempt to show solidarity with victims of the recent Pennsylvania shooting. In one breath, it’s a strong reminder to would-be shooters that people haven’t forgotten. In another, it’s symbolic of the fighting stance ..
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12 Year Old With Loaded AR-15 Rifle Arrested In Philadelphia

A Northeast Philadelphia 12-year old boy was arrested for brandishing a semiautomatic assault rifle. Reportedly, the boy wielded the gun during a dispute with a neighbor. A second weapon was also retrieved from Michael Mitchell, the 19-year old brother, of the boy. It appears the gun had been purchased legally. Luckily, the incident did not ..
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