Yoga On The Pier Returns To Philadelphia On April 28

yoga philadelphiaAs from April 28, yogis will enjoy both morning and evening free yoga classes at the Race Steel Pier, Philadelphia. The free yoga sessions are sponsored by Delaware River Waterfront, and will see the yogis enjoy close to 300 free classes. In the morning, the sessions will begin at 7:00 am during the weekdays, and on weekends, the free classes will start at 9:30 am. Evening classes will begin at 6:00 pm from Monday to Thursday.

During the holidays, for example, the Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Labor Day, the schedule will be like the one for the weekends—the sessions will begin at 9:30 am. Moreover, Twilight Yoga sessions on the Pier will happen from 8:30 pm as per the listed dates: April 30, May 29, June 28, July 27, August 26, September 25, and October 24.

In case you are not conversant with Yoga on the Pier, it’s a famous yoga series, offered free at the Race Street Pier. The free classes are usually offered during the warmer months, and this April is an interesting time for the yogis. Under the sponsorship of Delaware River Waterfront, the series has been an enormous boost to yogis in America.

At the Pier, you are allowed to bring as many friends as you want since the sessions are free of charge. You can also tag a well-behaved pet along and have it enjoy yoga. In short, the Pier is a place for everyone who is anticipating a great adventure. The sessions are offered by some of the best instructors there is in the yoga world.

Let’s talk about Race Street Park for a minute. The park’s location is strategic as it provides a panoramic view and access to the famous Ben Franklin Bridge. On the bridge, you are able to view great wildlife splashes and marvelous boat rides. Basically, the Pier is an incredible picnic site, and the fact that free yoga sessions will be offered there from April 28 means that there is double fun.

For everyone coming to the Pier in Philadelphia, it’s important to carry a water bottle and yoga mat for a memorable yoga experience.