Bringing A Bat To A Gunfight: Pennsylvania School District Arms Teachers With Baseball Bats

school philadelphiaIn a bold move that has irked many parents, the Pennsylvania School District has issued wooden bats to teachers in an apparent attempt to show solidarity with victims of the recent Pennsylvania shooting. In one breath, it’s a strong reminder to would-be shooters that people haven’t forgotten. In another, it’s symbolic of the fighting stance that the district council has taken against national gun laws. Because when all is said and done, it’s time to rethink amending the 2nd Amendment.

The 16″ wooden bats were explained by Superintendent William Hall, who emphasized the fact that the primary reasoning behind the baseball bats was to arm teachers with consistent protection without the rather extreme necessity of allowing them to carry guns. Aptly described as a ‘consistent tool’ of protection against an attacker, it is fair to say that there’s still a degree of moderation in the District Council’s exercise of its powers.

Just recently -on the 3rd of April- Superintendent William Hall reiterated the Council’s moderate policy by stressing a run first, fight and then hide response protocol.

Sounds more like bringing a knife to a gunfight, wouldn’t you think?

Most people are of the view that these moves aren’t addressing the real problem of gun access. People would prefer that the problem be nipped in the bud by the enforcement of tighter security measures to ensure that guns don’t make it through the doors of schools in the first place. However, in their defense this is just one of a long list of changes that are set to be implemented in the coming months ahead. Also included is a disaster response protocol ‘Stop The Bleed’ which is equipping classrooms with Emergency Aid kits, as well as giving teachers and students the necessary First Aid training to improve preparedness.

The district is located just outside of Erie.

Then there’s also the question of the involvement of the District police. Where do they stand in all this? It should come as a relief that the local police department has been given unlimited access to security cameras. This just doesn’t act as an additional deterrent, but it also leads to the successful prosecution of criminals.

At the moment, the Superintendent William Hall led Council has been in constant liaison with other Councils, and it appears everyone has their guns drawn. Well, may not be guns, but since March, the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County has had buckets of rocks on standby just in case 🙂

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